Buyers Guide to finding the perfect property

We'll discuss tips to take advantage of today's real estate market.

Choosing a Realtor ®

Tips on selecting an experienced real estate agent to help locate a property that will match your needs and budget.

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Finding the Perfect Property

Location, features, and price are typically the equation to finding the perfect property for first time home buyers and investors.

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Closing Process

Closing can be stressful and tricky process. We’ll discuss how to get the most out of negotiations for a good closing process.

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Why Choose All Mountain Realty
as your Real Estate Agent

Purchasing a mountain property is an exciting process. The market for real estate in the North Georgia Mountains is much different than most places. Many of our buyers consist of second home buyers, investment property buyers, buyers looking to leave the city and move into a more tranquil environment with good views, buyers who have always dreamed of the mountain life from across the country and are about to leave their old life behind to start anew, and the few excited first time home buyers. Whatever your intentions are, All Mountain Realty is ready to assist you with the process of purchasing a your own piece of property and are here to help save you time and money.

Buying a home is a decision that should be made carefully, even for a seasoned investor. We never recommend jumping in and buying the first thing that you see. You should take your time with this process and do not make any choices which will force you to just “settle” on something. All our agents have lived in the North Georgia Mountains for years. Together, we know all the gems and hidden jewels of the mountains and we will take you on a journey, exploring the mountain side while we find you a perfect match.

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As mentioned above, when purchasing a property, you are making an investment in your future. Selecting a real estate professional is a critical part of the process. An experienced realtor® can help make the difference by working with you to help set realistic goals, determine a budget, help find the best available financing rates, and negotiate on your behalf. Below are some tips to help you when selecting a real estate.

  • Agent is knowledgeable about the community
  • Agent or Real Estate Company advocates use of technology
  • Select an agent who is also a Realtor®
  • Agent is aware of local and state laws and requirements
  • Agent and Real Estate Company is supported by legal counsel
  • Agent has strong sense of communication skills
  • A good agent will never pressure you or rush you


Typically you will begin looking at houses online, browsing through multiple websites featuring property listings before you realize that you are ready to commit to purchasing a home. Once you have made the decision to be “in the market for a home,” you will start to get more serious with your search efforts. This is the most fun and exciting stage where you will begin physically going out house hunting and exploring the area with your real estate agent! You should compile a list of homes that you want to view for your real estate agent and discuss what features you want in a home versus what you must have! Always keep in the back of your mind when viewing properties online that listing agencies represent the seller and will only include positive remarks about the property. A home may look awesome online, but have hidden issues in the foundation found only in inspections. Listen to the advice of your real estate agent and keep an open mind. You’ll want to keep in mind certain areas of the mountains have different life styles and cultures which may suite you better. Also, in some areas of the mountain shopping might be difficult to get to. Some mountain homes can be difficult to access during the winter months, ask your real estate agent if the property you are viewing will be affected by the winter months. Discuss with your agent how tourist season in the mountains effect your commute to work?

When viewing properties with your agent follow the tips below:

  • Discuss pros and cons of property, location, and community
  • Discuss how property will affect your lifestyle
  • Look up data from nearby offers
  • Determine the true property value, and discuss what you want to offer
  • Find out about offer deadlines and competition buyers


Inexperienced buyers getting to close to closing start getting nervous and excited at the same time. Closing is the final stage after negotiations have been agreed upon and contracts signed. This is when you, the buyer, and the bank all come to the final execution of the real estate transaction. In a perfect world, this should go quick and easy, but many times it does not. If you and your real estate agent did not prepare for closing, get ready for mistakes to come up. Below are some closing tips to help make the process go smoother:

  • Keep track of deadlines and ask for a to-do list from your agent to prepare you
  • A week before closing, talk to your agent about what to expect
  • Ask your lender to review all documents before closing
  • Know how much money you need to bring to closing, bring a check
  • Plan for the closing process to take hours, but hope for a much shorter closing
  • Check and double check for the document for typos