The annual Georgia Mountain Fair

Get Ready, the Georgia Mountain Fair is about to begin!

After several years of living in the mountains, I still look forward to the annual fairs and festivals held in the North Georgia Mountains. The North Georgia Mountains is home to several famous festivals held throughout the year such as Octoberfest, harvest festival, Springfest, Gold Rush Festival, and more. During July 21-29, my favorite event occurs, the Georgia Mountain Fair. This year will mark the 67th annual Georgia Mountain Fair, held at the historic Georgia Mountain Fairgrounds in which thousands will attend to witness and take part of the excitement and fun the mountain festivities has to offer. This is a great event to bring the entire family to regardless of age, you’ll find a plethora of carnival rides, shops, games, arts & crafts, performances, and contests that the entire family can enjoy. Of course parking can be an issue, so make sure you arrive early!

For me, it’s more than just an event. The Georgia Mountain Fair dives deep into the nostalgic history and culture of mountain life. Its a great way to share a piece of my heritage with my children and grandchildren. Each year our entire family piles into the van and rushes up to the gates in eager anticipation. When the gates open I watch the young ones drive through the crowd rushing to their favorite carnival rides. Later we make our way towards pioneer village where you can watch people replicating crafts that where done at the turn of the century by hand such as forging steel and soap making. Around lunch we take a gander down the delicious food court where we take turns ordering a large feast and settle in to wait for the performances to begin. It’s an event like no other that brings me such joy sharing and bonding with my family and neighbors. The Georgia Mountain Fair is a fantastic place to make lasting memories with your family and community.



The Joy of Mountain Life

Living in the mountains has left it’s place on my heart, memories that last a lifetime. I would have never experienced this quality of life had I not relocated my family here, and it almost didn’t happen. It’s easy to say “next year”….. “next year I will go to some of the mountain events”…. “next year I’ll consider a second home in the mountains”…. “next year I’ll spend more time with my family outside”… but then life catches up to us and we lose out on possibly the best moments of our life! Don’t let life keep slipping through your fingers. Make the time now! If you’ve been considering a home in the North Georgia Mountains, take the plunge! It will be the best moments of your life!

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